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Tiësto (Tijs Verwest) was born on 17 January 1969 in Breda, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands) is one of the best-known trance DJs in the electronic dance music. While many pseudonyms, in the past, it is especially known for his work as a DJ Tiësto. At its recent productions, but it has the label “DJ”, and it is now only known as “Tiësto”, a pseudonym, is an Italian twist on her childhood nickname.Tiesto is the punctate career achievements “of the first DJ in the world to sell a solo stadium event for more than 25000 people, there were a number one hit with his single transport, the first title instrumental to achieve the first place in his native Holland In 23 years. his remix of Delerium as lead actress Sarah McLachlan’s silence is the first house on the road never the day of the spread of radio in North America (there was also a hymn dancefloor and spent eight weeks in the UK Top 10 chart). He played live to billions of people around the parade Athletes Of The official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens. Despite its rapid success, Tiesto remains anchored on their performance and clearly happy to play the music and it brings the brackets.
The Black Hole Tiesto released Magik and In Search Of Sunrise mixcompilation row, the latest Nyana. The remix of “Delerium as lead actress Sarah McLachlan – Silence was the first house on the way to appear on radio in North America and was eight weeks in the UK Top 10 chart.Born in the Netherlands, is a DJ Tiesto, because he “loved the music with other people. When I was younger, I heard a radio broadcast called Soul Show, and Ben Lieb edge mix of drama, in which he Remix, and cut You different ways, and I thought – I want it! “travel with a mobile show in the country, it has a student parties, then three evenings a week in a club, learning and continuing his art. The music has always been my first love, but at the time I did not know that it was possible to live a DJ … If I am not a DJ, but I would now have a leader. I like to cook, it must because of the mixing element! “The productions came later, in 1995.” I really wanted to produce the music I will be able to play in my sets, because it brings a lot more respect for the process. I have samplers, some computer programs, and just started to focus on them. “He makes music simply” in fact, it looks easy, that 10 years after its productions constantly disturbs the tables, number and often reach a little over Europe.


In 1997, Tiesto, with Arny Bink, formed Black Hole Recordings, the label, which has very Magik applause welcomed. In Search Of Sunrise and Nyana mix compilations. The label is in the past such proportions that Tiesto began in 2001, a sub-label Magik Muzik. “It is the house of the pit of documents, or people who work, I think, really,” he said with enthusiasm. “Everything at Magik Muzik, what you will find in my firm, power little more my own project.” Some of these jewels of the Magik Muzik 2001 included anthem Flight 643, his album In My Memory, and the ways Umek, Mark Norman and Mojado.

Known primarily for his work innovative contributions to trance scene, the style of Tiesto is now a mix of everything: trance, house, techno – this is the best of the best that the world has to offer, to dance. In 1998 I was really in a trance DJ, but I traveled around the world, have infiltrated various influences, the inside and I play a little bit of everything. I think that the only way forward now is for DJs play a variety of sounds. ” In fact, his trademark trance was always pushing the limits of this kind, in any case, with the voices of the stars of the outbreak of customers such as Sarah McLachlan and Kirsty Hawkshaw, Shiver, reliability, and euphoric melodies, at both ends of the spectrum. His shows, serials, and the discharges are from the time the head of the Association of the sky so chill out perfectly, the reduction of an adult man in tears, and sometimes had to influence classical music to dance.

The high profile numerous concerts and performances have now taken away Tiesto to play, but the clubs, and when he said to more than one great artist. “Often my shows now, half of the residents are proponents of night clubs, but the other half are people who know me, on the radio or major concerts,” he says. “That is more than they go to a concert, now I only receive a great mixture of both worlds. ”

In addition to this great event, the album “Parade of Athletes” has been published around the world in October 2004, with music by Tiesto’s is the opening ceremony. At the same time, the title of his song “Just Be” album of the artist is to climb and the lists you hear on the dancefloors everywhere.

Describes in recent years as “a journey of moments’ (and the usual club successes, its rays are groans under the weight of the many prizes” TMF Awards, MTV, DJ Dutch – and hard disks or …) with favorites register , the second night of Tiesto in Concert show in Holland in 2004: “I was really in the loop, what happened was the music only” a mixture of all of my big tunes and new songs, simply believed that the perfect night . I played for nine straight, and it was my favorite book concert ever. “And of course, the readers as the number one DJ in the world for the third time.” The first time that it happened, it was so incredible, I was very happy. The second and third times were great, and, of course, but the first time that you are on the cover of the magazine, which is to be adopted by the other DJs, it is more important than winning an Oscar!


Continue to explore new avenues, Tiesto is to test new sounds in the studio, and he himself wrote more votes. “I am not a great research cooperation for the time, I am interested in a flowering of the talents,” someone whose voice is good, and that you really touched. A voice ring the bell should be seen as an instrument for me. J ‘Had a way out of the workshop, recreation and relaxation to travel, but now I am really excited to return to the country. I am open to new remixes. I love to hear a track and know everything emergency, what I want to do with it what I can do, others, and if it goes for me in my series “All my remixes have in the test.”

The future promises even Tiesto new successes, both as a solo artist, and it was the DJ we know it. “Another album, remixes, certainly,” he agrees, “but it is hard, too far into the future. Every two months, it seems that something new, unexpected and exciting happens!”

Tiesto awards:

Awards 2003

* World Dancestar Award U.S.A. Best International DJ
* ID&T Dutch DJ Award Best Dutch DJ by professional jury
* ID&T Dutch DJ Award Best Dutch DJ by audience
* Radio 538 Dance Award Radio 538 Dutch Audience Edison
* TMF Award Holland Best Dance Act National
* TMF Award Holland Best National DJ
* TMF Award Belgium Best Dance International
* MTV Europe Music Award Best Dutch Act
* BG Magazine Award Best Club/Trance/Hardhouse DJ
* DJ Mag Top 100 Number 1 Position
* Mixmag Award Best Resident Ibiza

Awards 2004

* ID&T Dutch DJ Award Best Dutch DJ by audience
* Buma/Stemra Sound of Silence Award
* TMF Award Belgium Best International DJ
* World Music Award World’s best selling Dutch artist
* Ibiza DJ Award Best International DJ Trance
* TMF Award Holland Best National DJ
* TMF Award Holland Best Dance Act National
* DJ Mag Top 100 Number 1 Position
* WMC Awards Miami Best International DJ

Awards 2005

* 3 FM Award Best Dance Artist
* Release Dance Award Best Trance/Progressive artist
* Release Dance Award Best International DJ
* TMF Belgium Best International DJ
* Dance Music Award Germany Best Trance Artist
* WMC Awards Miami Best Producer
* WMC Awards Miami Best Hi-NRG / Euro track
* WMC Awards Miami The Ortofon Best European DJ 2004
* WMC Awards Miami Best Producer 2004
* TMF Award Holland Best Dance National
* TMF Award Holland Radio 538 single of the year
* TMF Award Holland Lifetime Achievement
* Edison Music Award Best dance album ‘ Just Be

  1. Tiësto is the god of trance………………

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  3. its the best electronic music i ever heard.its my favourite

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  5. god … have no other word of him… lord of trance

  6. Love his music… but did anyone else notice the fairly intense gramatical errors? lol, it looks like it was translated almost word-for-word from dutch to english haha

  7. i play the music of in kosovo i like very much the music the sound of tiesto is nr 1 in the world youare beatiful in the are show men.and you are only dj must Frankie Wilde.

  8. tiesto you are the best DJ ever i am gona see your concert i love your music. I LOVE YOU keep the good work i love you.

  9. He’s a real boy… Greetings from Ukraine! =)

  10. He’s the man, he knows everything what we want.



  13. I’m from Russia. Tiesto the best.

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  16. he si the best of the world, i love him and i love his songs, youre the best dj tiesto!,
    from hungary:)

  17. there’s only one word for tijs-GOD.he’s the best dj ever on that planet.tomorrow,29th of october tijs maybe will be the first dj who will have 4 awards from dj magtazine.3 in a row and one more.tijs is iy idol since 6 years and a month ago he was in sofia,my hometown(BULGARIA,and i was to his concert.it was absolutely amazing.i touched his headphones too.he s GOD.hes lord of trance.love you may god tijs

  18. yo amo a dj tiesto
    es mi idolo
    es uno de los mejores djs del mundo
    con el empeze a apasionarme por la musica
    y por supuesto
    aora soy dj

    dj ganga

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    i love you dj tiesto
    i like dj tiesto

  20. I love him.He’s the best.Bethoveen of century XXxxXxxXXxXxx

  21. hei Tijs.I just say thx for the best of the best music and u.
    U are in my eis every day and your music lisent every daj and night-for normaly sleep;)
    I wish u call me in my birthday….u are my idole
    31.12.1984 in my birthday;) bye Tijs and good luck in you life and be happy;) bye your Nina;) kisss

  22. I wish u call me in my birthday…..*or send e mail*………

  23. Tiesto IS THE BEST.NR.1 DJ in the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Armin is Nr.2):))

  24. Happy Birth Day Tiesto!!!
    And more 20 years to play in trance music i want.
    Bye from Romania

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! (17 – 01 – 2009)


  26. Tiesto is my #1 DJ for House, Trance & Techno Music … ❤ him

  27. tiesto is te best dj of the world

  28. TIJS VERWEST No one LIKE YOU!!!!

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  30. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

  31. Tijs Verwest no one like you…you are The GOD OF TRANCE ! You Are amazing ! you are the best ! I’m from Romania ..:) we wait for you @ Sala Polivalenta 21 March 2009:>


  32. Hello everyone! 😀
    I am new to tiestoclublife.wordpress.com.
    Hope I can be a regular here!

  33. His music is like nothing I’ve ever heard and no matter how much I listen to it I like it even more. Most inspired DJ that ever was, you can tell that he puts alot of passion into it.

  34. threefiftyseven

    he’s just amazing, you can’t hate on him… he’s brought a whole new crowd to the genre with his amazing remixes…

    and he has way too much damn fun when he does sets in front of a lot of people… maybe that’s why the music is so good!

  35. 3r3s m1 am#r pl@t#n1c# 3r3$ lo m@x1m# s13mpr3 v@s a s3r 3l mej#r d,j


  37. dj taqisilverez

    i want to battle you in the R.T.L ultimative chart show……. have fun!

  38. gracias por hacernos sentir sensaciones trance.

  39. his music is the best and amazing in the world. you give me power all the time.I LOVE YOU.

  40. Ich bin absoluter Fan von Tiesto jetzt schon seit einige Jahre und mich begeistert seine Musik immer und immer wieder

  41. Tiesto makes my heart soar. Just when life makes me feel numb, He makes me feel alive again. I Love U Tiesto!

  42. I think Tiësto the best deejay all over the world…that’s all!!!

  43. Thanx Admin I Love Tiestoooooooooooooo

  44. tiesto always gives us the best in dance world,he is a God,i love him so much.best wishes from Lithuania!

  45. Keep working ,great job!

  46. nice for dj tiesto

  47. His music is like nothing I’ve ever heard and no matter how much I listen to it I like it even more. Most inspired DJ that ever was, you can tell that he puts alot of passion into it.

  48. man your stuff is the best. it gets me through everything and your podcasts got me into a whole nother side of life. i need to see you in concert!! haha go to the west coast some time in america!!!

  49. tiesto is very very best.
    4 ever

  50. un de ton fan en angola je bcp a te demandes

  51. Dj Tiesto is King

  52. Sem palavras!

  53. я люблю Тиесто !!!

  54. Just can I say Tiёsto is legend.

  55. Tiesto the best!from Russia-МОЛОДЦОМ!

  56. Tiёsto for life


  58. tiesto is the best …..unique

  59. 2006 – best dj ever
    2007 – still the best dj ever
    2008 – the same, 2009 go on, 2010, stiil go on and forever
    he´s dont need more awards, he is a award inself

  60. tiesto is awesome!!

    from kenya



  62. TiestO is No.1

  63. Holla HHollaa TIESTO you are one of my best DJs i love your mood in music and we all love your music here in saudi arabia ill be there in miami this weekend am waiting for you

  64. this is the time when all fan of trance musik should be hape….tiesto belong to us….

  65. whatup tiesto, you gotta make a sick remix for “feel it in my bones” if you havnt alrdy, thats my fav song on the new album. and post it on the podcast! anyways i thought you should have been #1 dj again this last year, armin van buuren wasnt as good as the years before. well keep makin whatever kind of music u want it always seems to be some of the best PEACE!!

  66. Hello I’m from Brazil, I really liked dance more when I heard their songs I can not hear anything else, to downloading everything here really is that tiesto and others.

  67. dj Tiesto gives d music into d new era of music world he was d god he is d god & he will b d god of trance…………no 1 compete him…..

  68. Tiesto is coming to Ekaterinburg 10th of September!!!!!!!! It’s my birthday!! :)) i’m so happy! At last i’ll see HIM!!! Best present for me! =))

  69. Victoria, you are lucky enough to be born in this auspicious day!

  70. If you want to hear something good ! You must listen DJ tiesto stuff !!!all ClubLife/s are allmoust best of all !!

  71. Hi tiesto u r my love i like your musics espacially LOVE COMES AGAIN ok please visit my web because i have written some subjects about your musics & biography have a nice time

  72. I Realy LOve music and Dj tiesto

  73. Tiesto 4 Life
    There won’t be anyone better than Tiesto in many many many years if there ever will be

  74. sunt din alba iulia romania si va spun ca ie cel mai tare dj din lume am toate albumele lui plus club life o1-199 si sper sa ramaie cel mai bun dj dar totul depinde de votul nostru

  75. I liked Tiesto when he played trance only, but Tiesto still Rocks !

  76. simply the best Dj!:-)

  77. i love tiesto dj power mix em verry big frnd of this guy i love dj mix and i love this dj’s master tiesto hope u fine dj;s master


  79. I am from Carpathian mounties. In our country Tiesto is the bes of DJ.

    Club Life is the best!

  80. I love Tiesto
    You Love Tiesto
    We Love Tiesto
    Everybody Love Tiesto….

  81. tiesto u rock! ahmed from kenya.

  82. Yep tiesto you’ve done it again you’ve made Trance #1 in the world

  83. hi, Tiesto, i went to your show when u were at Oaxaca, Mexico. i am your follower and i enjoyed very much that night. thanks for visiting Mexico. Cheers!!

  84. Hi Tiesto welcome birth With a day

  85. Je suis en grand fann et je vais bien tôt être dj

  86. TIJS VERWEST …you is the Best Dj Of Trance , House,Elecronic dance music in this world



  89. Nathan Rodriguez

    Tiesto will always be number one in my books! He is a god period.

  90. amazing…
    with Love from Mumbai, India

  91. His show is fantastic…
    continue with the link between rock/pop musics… Lov’it
    In my car i only listen his show… nothing else…
    Complements from Portugal

  92. A weekend ain’t a weekend without Tiesto’s music and crazily amazing mixes. ..

  93. Im a hairstylist n i do hair with tiesto’s music. So insipiring. Tiesto u are d bez n thank you.

  94. To bad you will never come back to San Antonio.

  95. Wish I could come on tour with Tiesto Lol What fun!! 😀

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  97. I have been a fan to Tiesto when i wax 8yrx old now i know more about you

  98. i love u tiestoo khaled from egypt


  100. What can i say about this amazing artist? I still remember, when we were teenagers, all my friends listened him, and sent to each other by the Bluetooth 🙂 In my opinion, nowadays Tiesto is the most popular DJ in the whole world, invited guest at many festivals.

  101. he is the greatest dj ever 3.8 billion dollars and he is still not done

  102. Undeniably imagine that that you stated. Your favourite reason seemed to be on the internet the easiest thing to keep in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed even as other people consider worries that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top neatly as|and also|and} defined out the whole thing with no need side-effects , other people could take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thank you

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